Serve the body 

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life
as a ransom for many.

Matthew 20:28

Here at Calvary Rio Rancho, we believe that there is a strong need to serve, not only in our community but within our own body of believers. We have a lot of opportunities to serve and we encourage you to get plugged in where The Lord might have you!


Embrace is a place caregivers can come for support and prayer.  Also,  a time to share ideas, and suggestions that work and don't work while caring for your loved ones.

 It's a Ministry that not only offers support, but a place you can vent your frustrations, without being judged.  We are a group of people  that are going through the same issues, so everyone can offer suggestions, and  most importantly pray for you and your loved one.  Being a caregiver is a lot of work, but the blessings are so much greater.

For more information and a Zoom invitation,  
please contact Bert at (970) 410-1515. 


A ministry providing basic assistance to members of the Calvary Rio Rancho body of believers who may not capable or able to fulfill certain needs. This assistance includes minor home repairs and maintenance, provision of meals, cleaning services or transportation.

For more information please contact Roy Weaver at (505) 896-2990.

CIT - Culture Impact Team

The Cultural Impact Team exists to advance biblical citizenship through education, advocate for pro-family legislation, and help people of faith understand the issues. We encourage churches to take action on critical issue here in New Mexico and mobilize voters to work for and support candidates that support our values, or in some cases seek political office, when no suitable candidate can be found.

For more information please contact the church at (505) 896-2990.

Safety Ministry

Our safety ministry is in place to ensure that our congregation is safe and to make sure that everyone is able to come to Calvary and leave safely. Our safety team is here on Sunday as well as during any events that take place at the church.

If you would like to volunteer to be part of our safety team please contact Bill Kornrumph at (505) 896-2990.


The hospitality team is in place to help set up and prepare for memorials and special events at the church.

For more information please contact Debi Kornrumph at (505) 896-2990.


A ministry to ensure that people who come through the doors at Calvary Rio Rancho feel welcomed and loved as well as assist in ensuring guests are comfortable during services and special events.

Contact Pastor Tracy at (505) 896-2990 for more information.

Thursday Prayer

Prayer is one of the most important parts to our relationship with The Lord.

Join us every Thursday from 12-1PM, in room 108, for our weekly prayer meeting as we pray for many different things.